Please call ahead to book for training and for booking availability.
There is a cancellation list for those wishing to get an earlier spot. Please be aware that this is based off of ‘first call first served’ and is subject to change as the year progresses.   

Offering: colt starting (minimum 60 days), finishing/fine tuning, problem solving, special projects, conditioning/miles

Payment must be made at the end of each term and a deposit of $250 is required upon arrival.

~ Upon arrival, horses must be physically sound with no major medical issues. We reserve the right to turn away a horse if it arrives in poor condition.
~ Horse’s must be dewormed and have their hooves trimmed.
~ Vaccinations are not mandatory but are appreciated, as well as having the horse’s teeth checked by an Equine Dentist or Veterinarian.
By ensuring that all aspects of the horse’s health are checked and any issues addressed, the horse will be able to progress at a regular pace and therefore will benefit more from the training term. If your horse needs to have farrier/dental/chiropractor or medical work done, before or during the training term, we have a professional in each field and we stand behind their work.