Poplar Ridge Ranch, home of Jaquelene See Horsemanship, is a facility that offers riding lessons, horse training, horse clinics and more.

The Barn

~ 5 – 12′ x 12′ stalls with adjoining paddocks 20′ long, 12′ wide and 6′ panels with feeders.
~ Open to allow air circulation
~ Stalls have rubber matting, shavings added for extra comfort and cleanliness. PVC pipe covers stall edges for safety and to prevent chewing.
~ Sliding main door and stall doors
~ 4 1/2′ tall panel gates on stalls, 6′ tall solid wood dividers
~Heated individual water bins
~ Sand alleyway


~ As well as barn paddocks, there are:
4 individual outdoor pipe corrals
1- 60′ x 80′ paddock run off the barn
A paddock set up with a run into the round pen
3 pasture grazing paddocks, barbed wire, for daytime turnout (not in winter).

Please note: Your horse will not be turned out into any of the barbed wire paddocks until you have viewed them, approved of them, and given written consent to do so, in addition to signing the training liability release form.

Round pen

~ 50′ diameter
~ Solid and safe 7′ boarded walls
~ Sand base

Obstacle Course

Designed in amongst the trees for a natural setting, this horse obstacle course features obstacles such as: bridges, teeter-totters, ledges and steps, cowboy curtains, tarp maze, Horseshoe pond, jumps, trenches and more… We are always creating, building and coming up with new obstacles to challenge us riders and our horses.

Tack Shed

~ Sliding door and man door for easy access
~ 24′ long x 16 wide
~ Covered deck
~ Organized and well maintained tack

Outdoor Arena

~ 150′ x 240′ Pipe rails


~ Quality hay, baled dry and stored in hay shed. Alfalfa/timothy/brome mix
~ All horses have free access to loose salt and water
~ All horses are fed Buckeye-Gro n’ Win; a pelleted vitamin/mineral/protein ration balancer. This is included in the price of board. If the horse needs additional feed, aside from hay and grass, it will be in addition to the cost of board.

We are also distributors of the Elite Three product line and keep in stock items for purchase such as Hemp oil, Body Builder, Super Cool and E5 Evolve. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries on the Elite Three line, we would love to share with you the results we’ve experienced with horses on these products.

Additional Features

~ Pipe fencing around barnyard
~ Horses will be exposed to numerous types of machinery (ie: bobcats, backhoe, picker trucks, quads, chainsaws..etc)
~ Locks on gates and doors for security
~ Heated, organized office. Coffee and water available.


We are always changing and building onto our facilities, visit again to see what may be new!